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    Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services Sydney, Bring you over 20yrs of experience in the flooring industry.

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    Floor Sanding Sydney - Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services

    Timber floor sanding Sydney is the focus of Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services. This is an integral part of making a modern floor. When it comes to updating your floor, it is a good decision to modernize with a reputable company like us.

    We understand floors and have been working with wood in customers’ homes for over 20 years, Top-rated craftsmanship is what you can expect. When contacting Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services, we provide excellent communication on what is needed to transform your flooring.

    Choosing a company with experience is imperative in getting the result you want. We offer over 20 years’ experience in carpentry and specifically creating excellent floors in the homes of Sydney residents.

    When upgrading the floor in your home. It is not only aesthetically pleasing for you and your guests, but it also adds monetary value to your home. Generally, when looking for a floor sanding service provider. You will think about the price and how much it might cost.

    Opting for cheap and nasty offers is not a wise move when investing in your home. However, it is more cost-effective and wiser to invest in your home for a long-term effect. In order to get real value for your money. It is necessary to fully understand the effects of cutting corners.

    This is something that Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services does not engage in. High-Quality workmanship is the focus of our work along with fair and affordable pricing.

    What to Expect from Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney Services?

    Pride in our work is everything for our company. The success of our company has been largely due to word of mouth and referral work. When contacting us you can expect personal service. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services is an owner-operated business. Terry Condron the owner works hands-on in every job.

    Choosing Acclaimed Floor Sanding has an advantage over larger operations as you are dealing directly with the owner. From start to finish with awesome communication.

    Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney offers a reasonable price for customers in exchange for high-quality service. Furthermore, we always make sure that all our clients are fully informed about the service for the best outcome of the money spent. First and foremost, we have experience in working in and increasing the value of Sydney homes.

    There are a number of variations when it comes to transforming the floor in your home. We understand that the floor is the most prominent feature in your home. This is why our customers require magnificent results. Secondly, the work should always increase the value of the home exponentially. Thirdly Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services work is made to last.

    Here are some more of the considerations you need to associate yourself with when opting for an Acclaimed floor sanding service:

    Important Things to Know When Engaging in Floor Sanding

    Polished timber floors vary in quality and durability depending on which floor sanding service you opt to trust. We use the best material for your individual needs.

    Choosing us to work on your floor will be something you won't regret. The level of skills and expertise of the craftsman are all essential. Those factors determine the durability of your floor and how long it will last.

    There are things that our customers need to know. As always it has been said, ‘knowledge is power.’ knowing more about the service you are getting and understanding more than the basics will help you make sound and firm decisions.

    Here are some pieces of information which most floor sanding service provider won’t want you to know.

    • Punching the nails in some floors will be required before any sanding operation is done. This will help settle the floorboards down onto the joists. If the wood is not properly settled back down. There are instances when floorboards might loosen up over time. This is normal and this usually happens; however, too much movement might cause a fracture or crack in the coating. With this, additional problems may arise such as peeling away from the coatings and other factors.
    • Low durability coating. Most Sydney homeowners do not associate themselves with the process of floor sanding or understand what is involved. We encourage questions to be asked about the material used in the procedure. For example, asking about the type of coating being used and knowing how long it lasts is vital information for you. Some floors last for only two to three years, while other lasts up to ten to twenty years. This difference in time depends on the type of coating being used.

    How to Contact Acclaimed Floor Sanding - Floor Sanding Sydney

    If you are looking for a personal service along with top-rated craftsmanship. Choose Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services. If you are looking to increase the value of your home. You want a trusted and professional service. That is also transparent, we urge you to contact us.

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    Contact Terry today on 0402 259 583 or use the enquiry option on the website. We are happy to organize a free quote for your home.

    Check out the positive reviews our clients have given us in the past.

    We look forward to your enquiry.

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Peter Stephenson

    My commitment to my clients is to provide quality and a high standard of finish. The polished floor is generally the last task in a renovation but it is the first thing people see at completion, also a few years down the track. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services has been my preferred finishers for the past 7 years because I always get the same result - a happy client.

    J.G.B Carpentry

    I have used Acclaimed Floor Sanding services on several jobs and will continue to use them. They are Punctual, very Professional and courteous. They get the job done when they say and on time. All my clients have been impressed with their work and very happy with the finished product.

    John and Ginny Kuffer

    When our karri pine floors were resurrected by Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services we were thrilled with the results. We received great advice, professional service and the team was friendly, reliable andtrustworthy. We highly recommend the Company.

    Kim Goodrick

    Many thanks again for your fantastic service last week at Short Street. The timber floor looks as good (if not better!) than when it was new, and we are very grateful to you for fitting us in at such short notice. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and relatives and wish you well in the future.

    Benefits of Timber Floors


    Adds Value and style to your home

    Timber floors are a great way to add value and style to your home. As well offering a lot of styles, species and colours a timber floor will always look good both in contemporary and traditional interior design.



    Timber is natural and when kept clean it avoids stain/retaining odours/harbouring dust mites or allergens, which promote asthma and other respiratory problems (unlike carpet)



    Timber floors are eco-friendly, when renewable or recycled timber is used. Finishing your floors with non-toxic coatings offers even more benefits to you and your family.

    Prefer an on site- inspection? Please call to arrange an appointment.