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Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney - Removing Old Floor Coverings


Floor Cover Removal Sydney - As a rule, for those who are opting to remodel their house or business. A main consideration is removing old floor coverings. Therefore, you may have a passion for do-it-yourself crafts and renovations.

However, there is always an exception to the rule. This includes removing old floor coverings and adhesives. Such as vinyl-asbestos tiles that could be toxic. In many cases these contain asbestos. As widely known, asbestos is hazardous to our health. Specific techniques and products are needed to deal with this product.

Use the Services of a Professional - Floor Cover Removal Sydney

Subsequently, those who had past experience with flooring removals. Therefore, clearly understand the process. When it comes to renovations in Sydney. Floor cover removal is a messy process to deal with.

Meaning, Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney is highly trained and experienced. Being a trusted service provider by the local residents of Sydney. Lastly, having over two decades of experience in the flooring industry. Experts in this field highly acknowledge our professional work and services.

Please see our reviews, to get a comprehensive idea of what our customers say about our work.

Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney specializes in non-toxic finishes. Therefore, uses environmentally friendly materials and products. Our process provides long-lasting and excellent wear. This, in turn, brings out the best for any of your preferred flooring types.

How Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney Works - Floor Cover Removal Sydney

To obtain a high-quality and satisfactory output. A professional floor sanding service provider must highly consider the process. With Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney, this is how the process works:

  1. Prepare the floor

Generally, nails can be visibly found in old floor coverings. They are then punched down to a depth of approximately four millimetres. In addition, when the floor is completed. Nail holes are filled with timber putty for them not to be visible. Wood floorings may crack if the preparation is not done right. This, in turn, later on, result in undesirable defects.

  1. Sanding the floor

When removing the old floor coverings. It is necessary to remove old paints or varnish. Especially if your floor has a heavy paint finish. Once the initial or rough sanding is complete. The process will then proceed to the middle sanding. In this stage, the goal is to remove the scratches left in the initial sanding. Therefore, to present a finer surface. The final sanding is done to completely reduce the scratches. Meaning this is why in this stage finer grade paper is used.

  1. Finishing the floor

After the final stage of the sanding process, your floor is now ready for coating. Prior to the application of any finishes. Intensive clearing and dust extraction are done. Generally, to thoroughly ensure a finer finish. This process is carefully repeated in between coatings. Thereby, not disregarding important parts of the property. Places such as windowsills, door frames and other secluded parts.

The Benefits of Hiring Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney

Floor covering removal is often a messy and exhausting task. Materials such as vinyl, ceramic, linoleum and carpet. Along with other coverings, do not come up easily from the floor surface.

Furthermore, old floor coverings need to be replaced. Especially when opting to renovate your residential or commercial property. For houses and businesses, removing old floor coverings. Is the equivalent to buying your new house or business a new wardrobe to showcase.

Here are some more of the benefits you can enjoy in opting to remove old floor coverings:

  • Trip Hazards

Generally, when it comes to old flooring, cracks, visible nails and varnish paints. These issues should be addressed. You may also find other irregularities are present. Some of these irregularities and damaged areas. May cause accidents and unfavourable scenarios. With expert floor removal service providers. Trip hazards can help you level out any forms and possibilities of accidents.

  • Junk and Debris Removal

Whether you are replacing or repairing an old or new floor covering. Common issues are junk and construction materials. More experienced service-oriented service providers. Dedicate attention in removing junk and debris in your house or business. Generally, upon completing floor removal services. Excess wastes will be recycled if deemed possible.

  • Saves Time and Effort

Old floor removals is often a lengthy and difficult process. This takes time and effort. Hiring an expert floor removal service provider is actually a cheaper choice in the long run. Considering the labour-intensive process which the work entails. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney uses advanced vacuums systems which are used often for flooring removal services.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Peter Stephenson

My commitment to my clients is to provide quality and a high standard of finish. The polished floor is generally the last task in a renovation but it is the first thing people see at completion, also a few years down the track. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services has been my preferred finishers for the past 7 years because I always get the same result - a happy client.

J.G.B Carpentry

I have used Acclaimed Floor Sanding services on several jobs and will continue to use them. They are Punctual, very Professional and courteous. They get the job done when they say and on time. All my clients have been impressed with their work and very happy with the finished product.

John and Ginny Kuffer

When our karri pine floors were resurrected by Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services we were thrilled with the results. We received great advice, professional service and the team was friendly, reliable andtrustworthy. We highly recommend the Company.

Kim Goodrick

Many thanks again for your fantastic service last week at Short Street. The timber floor looks as good (if not better!) than when it was new, and we are very grateful to you for fitting us in at such short notice. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and relatives and wish you well in the future.

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