Timber Stairs

Keeping the Beauty Of Timber Stairs: Top Priority


Floor repairs S is one of the most common services offered by flooring companies. We, at Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney, offer one of the most efficient services when it comes to floor repairs. We provide full assessment and coverage of work needed to ensure a perfect working surface for later stages of floor sanding servicesthat you might require.


Our Floor Repairs Service

With over two decades of experience, we fully understand the investment that goes with your floor repairs and restoration to replenish its look and value. Our team of professionals and skilled technicians examine all boards, fix any loose found, and remove old tacks and nails to ensure excellent and long-lasting results.


Here is a closer look of the general floor repair service we provide:


  • Precision Repair

They offer repairs of scratches, dents, watermarks, stains and other more minor damages on our floor.


  • Panel Repair and Replacement

Damaged boards or floor panels which are found broken, gouged, or cracked will promptly remove and replaced.


  • Restoration or Refinishing

Our floor repair services also comes with restoration of discolored floors to reduce wear and give your floor a new glow.

Benefits of Floor Repair Services

Floor Repair Services offer various benefits and advantages to our customers. The most common is that it provides us a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant place to stay in. This is essential in keeping our family’s well-being at its finest.


Here are some of the benefits that this service entails:


  • Controls concrete dusting
  • Protects from any chemical and physical degradation
  • Protects your floor for a long-lasting and excellent wear
  • Provides cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant environment for you
  • Flawless output for a cost-effective option


Considerations to Make During Floor Repair Services

Before anything else, there are a few things you need to know before deciding to get any floor repair services. These considerations are needed especially when you are planning for major floor repairs. This includes contemplating whether or not you should leave our place while the construction is undertaking.


  1. Choosing To Leave

To give you an idea, especially for major floor damages, it is wise to temporarily stay elsewhere. Here are some of the examples why you need to leave the place while the construction is undertaking:


  • Furnitures will be needed to be constantly moved or if possible, completely taken out of the premises
  • No matter how sealed the area may be, it is still expected to have lots of fine dust around
  • Odors from stain may still linger around even after few days
  • Although some may claim that floors can be treated at the span of twenty-four hours, it usually takes weeks for full treatment.


Depending on the intensity of the floor repairs done, it usually takes an average of three days, especially for major damages. However, the specific length of time needed for full recovery depends on various possible factors such as:


  • The area of measurement  or how much flooring is involved
  • How efficient and quick the contractor may come to work
  • The extent of damage
  • The specifications as well as the client’s other detailed requirements


  1. Choosing To Stay

If despite all the things mentioned above, you are still not convinced to move out, there’s a tip for you. This may also apply for those with minor floor damages and floor repair services needed. Here are some of the things you need to expect when construction is on the process:


  • The job begins after the room is fully cleared
  • The contractor will start with the floor sanding services to remove the old paint on old floors
  • The equipment and vacuum machines which will be used can be a bit noisy
  • Stain is often applied in two coats and this may create a strong odor
  • Your living space will be reduced
  • You need to be strategic in moving from one room to another


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Peter Stephenson

My commitment to my clients is to provide quality and a high standard of finish. The polished floor is generally the last task in a renovation but it is the first thing people see at completion, also a few years down the track. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services has been my preferred finishers for the past 7 years because I always get the same result - a happy client.

J.G.B Carpentry

I have used Acclaimed Floor Sanding services on several jobs and will continue to use them. They are Punctual, very Professional and courteous. They get the job done when they say and on time. All my clients have been impressed with their work and very happy with the finished product.

John and Ginny Kuffer

When our karri pine floors were resurrected by Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services we were thrilled with the results. We received great advice, professional service and the team was friendly, reliable andtrustworthy. We highly recommend the Company.

Kim Goodrick

Many thanks again for your fantastic service last week at Short Street. The timber floor looks as good (if not better!) than when it was new, and we are very grateful to you for fitting us in at such short notice. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and relatives and wish you well in the future.

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