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Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney: Timber Decks & Maintenance

With Australia’s harsh weather conditions, keeping your timber decks in its best shape is a challenge. One of the most common issues when it comes to timber decks include splitting and rotting of material. The good news is that we offer maintenance services at Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney.

Why Should You Maintain Your Timber Decks? - Timber Decks Sydney

Few of the things which surely add enjoyment to our home are brand-new decks. However, over time, this once sparkling jewel on your backyard turn into something like a lamp of grey coal. This truly happens especially when regular maintenance and proper care are not done right for your timber decks.

Every Timber Deck Needs Maintenance

There is no such thing as maintenance-free decks. All decks, regardless of the weather or native climate and the type of materials used, needs proper and regular maintenance. This process is required to gain and retain the desired look and structure of our timber decks. Rain and moisture are the often threat for our decks which leads to rotting of materials. In addition to it, UV rays also major damages and may cut the deck’s longevity.

Cleaning Before Sealing Is Deemed Necessary

You must be aware that a negligent contractor may come to jump or cut off the process, which is not our deal. The real focus of cleaning does not primarily concern about dust, moulds, and grime, but the elimination of invisible microbes and mould spores.

Sealing & Staining Promote Longevity

Sealing and staining are important because it protects your timber decks from rain and moisture. Water-based finishes and oil decks solutions penetrate deep into the wood pores and make a good defence against UV rays.

Considerations to Make For Deck Maintenance Services - Timber Decks Sydney

Timber decking is one of the most popular trends among Sydney and in the surrounding areas. Despite the composite products erupting in the market, the love for hardwood and natural timber continue to rise. However, the problem with its maintenance is one of our primary concerns as homeowners. Thus, here are some considerations to help you out in getting deck maintenance services:

  • Identify your expectations. One of the most important considerations before planning to turn it back to its pleasing look is to identify your goal. Learning what you want your deck to look like after putting oil in it is necessary to avoid any painful outcomes. As an expert in the flooring industry, Acclaimed Floor Sanding Sydney offers a wide range of water-based finishes and decking oils.
  • How often should you do it? This is a common inquiry, especially for first-timers. Although there is no definite answer to this, for water-based finishings, it is recommended to reapply it every nine to ten months. How often you should reseal your timber decks depend on a number of factors. This includes your location and how exposed it is to sunlight, climate, construction materials, and other more. It is highly advisable to consult professionals’ help before coming with your final verdict.
  • The necessity for floor sanding services. For brand-new decks, sanding is not necessary and required. However, for old decks, its floor sanding services should be applied especially for rough and uneven surfaces. Although sanding may not apply for all old decks, this process is helpful for achieving a more polished look.

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Peter Stephenson

My commitment to my clients is to provide quality and a high standard of finish. The polished floor is generally the last task in a renovation but it is the first thing people see at completion, also a few years down the track. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services has been my preferred finishers for the past 7 years because I always get the same result - a happy client.

J.G.B Carpentry

I have used Acclaimed Floor Sanding services on several jobs and will continue to use them. They are Punctual, very Professional and courteous. They get the job done when they say and on time. All my clients have been impressed with their work and very happy with the finished product.

John and Ginny Kuffer

When our karri pine floors were resurrected by Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services we were thrilled with the results. We received great advice, professional service and the team was friendly, reliable andtrustworthy. We highly recommend the Company.

Kim Goodrick

Many thanks again for your fantastic service last week at Short Street. The timber floor looks as good (if not better!) than when it was new, and we are very grateful to you for fitting us in at such short notice. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and relatives and wish you well in the future.

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