Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services Sydney holds great worth in its reputation and seeks to hold the highest standard in all its activities.

Our terms and conditions is part of all work and advice. There are important site-specific issues that may affect the outcome of any project related to timber flooring. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services urges that a basic understanding of these issues will assist in developing realistic expectations of the finished result. By paying a non-refundable deposit, by commencement of work or receiving instructions by the Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services from the Buyer for the supply of Goods or Services shall constitute acceptance of the terms and contained herein. Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Buyer the terms and conditions are irrevocable
and can only be rescinded in accordance with these terms and conditions or with the written consent from Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services.

Floor Sanding Process

– It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all rooms are completely empty of furniture and other tradesmen at the start of work. – We always endeavor to do the best job we possibly can with the conditions we are given to work with, work in and work around. If there are other trades working on or around the property, we are not liable for the final outcome.

– Although due care is will be exercised by Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services, due to the nature of machine work, decoration and skirting may be liable to marking. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services will not be held responsible for marking of walls, skirting and similar objects, and will not be held liable for the cost or re decoration.

– Sanding and finishing a timber floor is a skill acquired over many years. Bear in mind that, as all machine work is done by hand controlled machines and applicators there will be evidence of this in the floor. As you live on the floor it will gain a feel and character that is unique to your home. This is all part of the beauty of owning a timber floor.

Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services does not guarantee a completely dust free environment and finish on the floor. Such expectation is not achievable. Dust free environment is unattainable in all domestic and commercial projects.

Agreed Uncontrollable Variations

Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services will not be held liable for other tradesmen’s workmanship e.g. paint flakes, tiller’s spills, plaster dust in cracks, denting from ladders and other tools, silicon, work boot and scuff marks etc.

– Any silicone or oil on the floor may cause rejection of subsequent floor coatings. Silicone or silicone-based products also include air fresheners and aerosol sprays.

Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services may not be able to remove deep cuts and gouges. It will depend on how deep the cut or gouge is. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services may not be able to remove stains from within the floorboards such as animal urine and watermarks and residue from glue and the backing of carpet underlay.

– Stairs and cupboards must be specifically request & quoted for. Depending on timber species stairs may not match the remaining floor.

– Floor coatings are not applied in a spay booth, there will always be some dust particles in the finished floor.

– Whilst applying coatings, we take precautions to limit any dust on the floor. Dust will be more noticeable on darker timber, gloss and semi – gloss finishes, in doorways, large windows and in areas of direct sunlight.

– Do not expect the coating to look like a sheet of glass, there will be area ‘s where the coating runs into dips, cracks and holes.

– You may notice a swirl or cobweb effect on the floor. This is caused by exaggerated reflection on the floor from lighting natural or other.

Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services is limited by the condition of your floor as to the finish you receive.

– Some low-cost solvent borne polyurethane coatings are highly subject to sheen variation, rejections, roller marks, and are very static in nature, which may cause undesirable traces of dust to accumulate on the wet coatings affecting the finished floor. We recommend the use of or premium water based polyurethane coating if this is a concern. By choosing the low-cost solvent borne polyurethane coating, you agree to accept all risks of using the mentioned floor finish

– Some finishes, mainly polyurethane’s may have a gluing effect on the timber and could cause timber defects. The application of these finishes is at the customer’s risk.

Floor Filling

– We will punch nails and fill nail holes and gaps at the end of floorboards with appropriate filler. We do not fill gaps between floorboards, as due the natural atmospheric moisture variations, movement of timber filler will ultimately fail at any time and will look unsightly.

– Any holes larger than a nail hole may have a sunken appearance when filled.

– We do not guarantee a filler colour match. We are limited to light, mid and dark brown.

Floor Colouring/Staining

– All colour samples are representative and may vary due to individual conditions.

– If different timber species are used, no responsibility will be taken in any difference of the finished colour due to inconsistent timbers.

– Once colour has been agreed, verbally or otherwise, any changes will be made will be charged as “additional work” and will be charged accordingly. It is the client’s responsibility to check colour at time of application if a true representation is required. Re- coloring will be chargeable at full job rate.

– You are likely to get some variation in colour and grain between new and old boards and staining can produce a two-tone effect.

– Due to the nature of the staining technique, skirting and similar objects may be marked. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services will not be held liable for re- decoration.


At the Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services sole discretion:

– The Price shall be as indicated on invoices provided by Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services to the Buyer in respect of Goods and Services supplied.

– The Price of the services shall be Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services quoted Price, which shall be binding upon the Buyer accepted it ether verbally, in writing or as per any other conditions specified in these terms and Conditions Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services quotation within 28 days.

– At the absolute discretion of Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services a deposit will be required on the confirmation of an order/acceptance of quotation.

– Unless specified or agreed otherwise the deposit amount shall be 30% of the total price.

– Time for payment for the Services shall be of the essence and will be stated on the invoice, quotation or any other order forms. If no time is stated then payment shall be due upon completion of the work and/or delivery of the Goods and Services.

– Payment can be made by cash,by cheque, by bank cheque, by ETF, or by credit cards fees apply if paying by CC

– All costs incurred in the collection of overdue invoices are payable by the debtor.

– It is the responsibility of the customer to be made available on the last day of the floor project & before the final applications are applied, so that the project can be view / inspected and approved. Any questions / queries should be made and discussed at that point.

– In a case of a stage-by-stage project, payments will be due on completion of each stage.

Agreed Scope of Works and Cost

– The client acknowledges in all cases that Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services has explained the work process, job specific issues, discussed realistic expectations and agrees that the scope of work is clearly understood.

– Any other work, other than the mentioned work is a variation and is billed accordingly as “additional work”.

Floor Coatings & Maintenance

– Unless specified or agreed otherwise 3 coats of sealant are standard. Additional coatings will be billed accordingly as “additional work”.

– Coating longevity is dependent on traffic conditions and maintenance imposed by client.

Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services

Reserves the right to change job specification as necessary in order to provide the appropriate finish.

– All materials, finishes or applications are guaranteed by the manufacturer’s warranty directly to the customer on their stated terms, Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services is not a party to this warranty.

Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services will not be held responsible for the damage caused by wear and tear.

– Work is to be carried out within 30 days of our written quote. (Exceptions at the discretion of Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services).