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Myths & Facts About Floor Sanding

We will discuss the difference between the myths and facts about floor sanding to ensure you’re getting the best result and avoid the risk of being scammed.

Looking for information about floor sanding services is not as difficult as before, you can easily go on Google and look for information, company providers and types of services easily. Hence, once you get to talk with three professionals, you can easily get different perspectives, offers and tips, and from there you can decide.

Check The Reviews About The Contractor You’re Looking At

Before you do anything, take a look at the reviews connected with the company. First, a reputable company, that has been in business for a number of years must have some reviews that reflect their previous work. Then, look at the rating the company has and read the reviews. You may want to read enough reviews until you are satisfied or comfortable enough to make your enquiry.

How To Know What’s True & What’s Not?

Always check the facts first. Do thorough research about floor sanding, and then ask a professional to clarify it for you. Nothing is farther from the facts.  While the technological improvements in the region of floor sanding made it feasible to dramatically reduce the amount of dust left behind. Expect to find some dust when your job is completed. Bear in mind, it’s named a dustless service for a motive.  

If I Recoat Every Three Years, Will It Keep My Floor In Shape?

Often, people think that recoating your floor every two or three years will ensure that your floor will last longer. This is one of the most common assumptions. There may be no problems in regular maintenance for your floor if you have a budget. The truth is that modern floor finishes are long-lasting and sturdy, which means recoating is unnecessary. However, this can only be assumed when the floor sanding services did a quality job in the first place.

How Often Should I Have My Floors Sanded?

Based on how good you look after your flooring; sanding your floor every 3 years in no longer necessary. To be frank, you can keep it that way for up to 10 years, and then plan to recoat then. Often, floors stay in good shape with proper maintenance without the need to recoat for as long as 30 years.

If this all done correctly, your flooring will not require more work as long you’re staying in the house. Ensure that your contractor will not forget these vital measures! After being in the industry for such a long time, it concerns me the way many builders don’t practice these particular measures.

What Techniques Are Being Used On Your Floors?  

One of the most typical mistakes made by floor contractors is using water-based finishes and oil-based stains on the exact same day. In the case, you choose to stain your flooring, ensure that your contractor utilises compatible finishes and stains. Or it requires the necessary actions and skill to ensure proper bonding between the two. Mixing two incompatible products will lead your floor to peel.  The only way to repair this is by re-sanding the floor.

How to Prevent A Fire During Floor Sanding

Make sure that the floor sanding service provider will correctly connect the belt sander within the fuse box.  The belt sander needs to be attached with a cable which has a fuse that is plugged within the box. Ensure your contractor drains all of the bags in the sanding gear. It may require extra garbage bags after the process is done.

Never let anyone smoke near the floor sanding process.  Floor sanding finishes are combustible. Vapours emitted by some finishes will get to the water heater pilot and catch fire.  To prevent this from occurring, block the water heater pilot through the ground finishing procedure; keep proper ventilation at home after the work has dried. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What You Need To Remember

Many builders will quote jobs based on a budget. Use two coats of dry quick finishes, collect their cash and leave.  Bear in mind, floor sanding, even if anticipated on the inexpensive side, remains an important investment. If you do invest a substantial quantity of money, make sure you’re getting the best flooring at the end of the day.

Getting A Highly Experienced Contractor Is Essential

Sanding alone will not provide you with that. Project prep, nail placing, filling up all of the dents and holes your flooring may possess. The replacement of different broken boards are steps which are a part of the sanding procedure.  Go over these measures with your flooring contractor and be certain they’ll be a part of your floor sanding contract.

Often times, due to a weak underlayment or even due to improper flooring set up several decades before, the flooring will begin moving and a few nails will push up themselves. The simple fact that you find some nail heads appearing isn’t necessarily a sign that there’s no more sanding left in your flooring.

Ask Floor Sanding Contractors Questions

However, some builders will attempt to play that sport in an effort to allow you to eliminate the old flooring and have a new one installed. So, raising your closing bill on many, many occasions. Do not be tricked by these kinds of claims. Constantly ask for more evidence before needing to get rid of the flooring, you may have decades of life left inside the floor.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Floor Sanding?

Ask your builders the following questions: Is job preparation included and what is contained inside?  What measures are you really going to take, to secure my property in the way of safety?  What measures are included in the floor sanding procedure?  Just how many coats of finish are you really going to employ and what kind? 

Floor Sanding Should Make You Feel Better

Since you can now ask your queries. Do not be shocked if a potential contractor will seem surprised. Some will not have the ability to answer a few or the majority of them. However, if you are aware of yourself and hire an experienced contractor the decision procedure will be simplified. Because the outcomes will soon be very gratifying. Your home will seem fresh again, and it’ll remain this way for years to come. There are not many things in your home that are more impressive than a new floor.

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