What Are The Benefits Of Timber Floors In Sydney

Timber Floor Benefits

If you are a homeowner, or you have a business and have timber floors in your property in Sydney. Then, you must understand the benefits that timber floors can bring into your home. So what makes timber flooring special?

The cost of hardwood may seem higher than the usual carpet price. However, timber floors enhance the value of your home. One of the main benefits of it is that that it will give your home greater value than just having carpet if you ever plan to sell your home.

What Are The Health Benefits of Timber Floors?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of timber flooring. Primarily, timber floors have health benefits. In relation to this area, there is really no comparison to other flooring choices. For example, like my brother and Father, you may suffer from allergies.

Timber flooring collects less dust than any other type of flooring in comparison to carpets that accumulate large amounts of dust. Pests such as dust mites may fester in your carpet and lead to allergic reactions and could pose a threat to your health.

Carpets can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Water spills and leaks can seep into the carpet. These liquid matters can be trapped within the fibres of your carpet. This allows bacteria to grow and germs to populate. That being said, timber floors will secure your home from these problems. It’s easy to see dirt and water over a timber floor, and it’s easy to clean.

Air Quality & Timber Flooring

In comparison to carpets and timber floors in Sydney, it may be something you may not have thought of. Generally, carpets are made of many different fibres. These fibres over time become looser. Meaning that as they become loose, they become airborne. Therefore, occupants of the property will be breathing them in. Timber flooring does not have this issue. Compared to a professional timber expert. That has installed and coated your timber

Renovating Your Floor – Benefits of Timber Floors In Sydney

In comparison to, vinyl tiling and linoleum have been shown to hold asbestos fibres. Although asbestos is not shown to be dangerous if undisturbed. However, if you are wanting to renovate your home. There is no doubt you are going to disturb the asbestos fibres. Meaning, you are going to need a professional to remove the vinyl flooring. This means an extra expense that you could keep in your own pocket. Timber floors are a far easier choice in Sydney and much safer than many other floor choices.

Renovate your home and start choosing hardwood floors. In that case, it is going to last longer than other choices for your home. For example, even with heavy traffic in a business, timber flooring is robust and will outlast other choices. Hardwood flooring is enduring and resilient to damages. When renovating you may choose to install to go down the DIY road. However, we do advise in engaging in the services of a professional.

Timber Floors Are Pleasing To The Eye

As an illustration, timber hardwood floors are visually pleasing to the eye. It is really hard to beat a freshly polished timber floor. In essence, improving the surroundings in your home is going to lift you emotionally. Artistically they win hands down over most floor covers.

Timber above tiling and carpets gives a natural feel that really cannot find in other materials. For example, going for a more wooded floor if you live in a busy city. May take you away from the hustle and bustle with timber experience.

Renovating Your Floor – Benefits of Timber Floors In Sydney

Not only will they lift the spirits of the people that live in the home. In most cases, will impress a friend’s family and guests. You should be surprised if people comment positively on your flooring.

Timber Floors As An Investment

Timber flooring is an investment that fits any budget. Acclaimed Floor Sanding Services in Sydney has a wide range of timbers that are both affordable and sturdy. With timber floors, you can take advantage of real estate markets because timber floored homes sell quicker with an insanely higher price than those without it.

However, keep in mind there is minimal maintenance is required it is essential. The best way is to contact a professional locally. Acclaimed Floor Sanding is based in Sydney Australia. If you are a resident of Sydney. We urge you to give them a call if required. Lastly, choosing hardwood flooring will save you money in the long run. Generally, carpet flooring will need to be replaced. 

Timber Floors Keep You Cooler In The Summer & Warmer In The Winter

Regarding weather, timber is a natural product. You will find that your floors will keep you cool in the summer as opposed to carpets or vinyl. Both vinyl and carpets can become uncomfortable in hotter climates.

On the other hand, in the winter the wood will warm as the temperature of the room heats up. If you are running any heating at all. Your timber flooring will work with you not against you. An important note is to also mention. Generally, hardwood flooring works very well acoustically. Essentially you can expect little movement or vibrations. Comparatively, you won’t or should not hear resonating or dull sounds from a well-installed timber floor in Sydney. Meaning hardwood floors absorbs sound and will add to soundproofing in your home.

Timber Floors Come In A Wide Range Of Colours & Are Environmentally Friendly

For many of us, colour coordination is essential. Generally, when spending money on renovations, it is important to match colours in your home. Timber flooring gives you that option. Moreover, most timber floor option will allow you to choose the colour you desire.

For example, if you have a timber floor already installed in a home you have just purchased, then here are many staining options available. If you want to start the staining process, you must contact a professional near you.

In addition, you may be surprised to know most timber flooring is recycled. Compared to other floor coverings, it is way more common and environment-friendly than you think!

Contacting Acclaimed Floor Sanding

If you are a Sydney resident, Acclaimed Floor Sanding offers a wide range of services. These range from, floor removal of all types. Timber floor maintenance, timber decking, timber staining, timber stairs, timber floor repairs and a heap more.

Contact them today, you can also check out the many reviews left by happy customers. We hope you found the information helpful

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